2012 Gunnison Growler Endurance Mountain Bike Race from chris miller on Vimeo.

The 2012 annual 32 and 64 mile Growler in Gunnison, Colorado. The race is held at Hartman Rocks, which is a unique geological formation that boasts some of best single track in Colorado. The area is a ring dyke that allows for granite formations. The area is one of the few places that granite slickrock can be ridden. Rock slab riding coupled with fast and flowy trails on decomposed granite through high desert(around 8000 feet) sage makes Hartman’s world-class mountain biking.

Saturday was the “Half Growler” at 32 miles with Sari Anderson and Mike West taking the win. On Sunday was the “Original Growler” at 64 miles with Kelli Emmett and Alex Grant taking the win.
For full results go to gunnisontrails.com/?p=955
Filmed/edited by Chris Miller millerperspectives.com