Traffic and Bottlenecking on the Growler Course – Please be patient and friendly

Here’s the rub: everyone wants to ride singletrack but by its nature it creates problems for mass start events like the Growler. And, at 350 riders per day, the Growler isn’t anywhere near the biggest field out there. And, yes, the Growler does bottleneck and this year that will be happening on Top O the World Trail. Please be patient! We try to get the race to string out by starting it fast (sorry singlespeeders) and using more roads to start. But Hartman’s is vertically challenged and there just isn’t a hill long enough to truly sort the field well.

Here are some suggestions if you find yourself in traffic.

  • Be patient! This Growler supports trail advocacy and riding off of the trail to pass on the singletrack is counter to why we put this event on. We added an additional section of road instead of Fenceline Trail so there are more opportunities out there for passing early in the lap. Take advantage of them while you can but always be safe!
  • If you notice that you are the engine of a train (lots of riders stacked up behind you and nobody in front of you), please consider stepping off of the trail to let these faster riders get by. Patience and courtesy and we’re all good to go.

Thanks from the OGC!


The Great Growler Calcutta is Gaining Momentum and a $1,000 Challenge has been placed on the table. Our stalwart Gunnison Trails supporter, Tom Verry, will match the next $1,000 that is raised for our pro prize purse in the Full Growler. Click HERE to see who has ponied up so far and for more details.

Calcutta, India. I don't see many bikes.

Calcutta, India. I don’t see many bikes.




Racer Check-In has moved this year to Treads n Threads, an awesome retail store at 113 N. Main St.

Schedule for Check In:

  • Friday: 3-9pm Half and Full Growler Check In. Sorry, no day of race check in.
  • Saturday: 1-9pm Full Growler Check in. Again, no race day check in.
Treads n Threads

Treads n Threads