Support Gunnison Trails or Another Local Organization with City Market Community Rewards

Thanks to all who have enrolled/renewed to support Gunnison Trails! Your shopping earned our trails over $800 in January through March.

NOTE: The program resets every December 1st so if you want your spending to help an organization, Gunnison Trails or another organization, you’ll need to log in and update your preferences annually after December 1st. More details below.

Enroll in the City Market Community RewardsProgram and every dollar you spend will benefit the organization of your choice. This costs you nothing and if you don’t enroll, those dollars will not be directed to benefit a local non-profit organization.

To participate in City Market’s Community Rewards Program, you will need to enroll online and choose Gunnison Trails or another non-profit as the organization that you’d like to support.

You will still get all the same discounts and prices, but the money you spend will count as votes toward the size of the donation that organizations will receive from the Community Rewards Program.

In the first quarter of 2016, over $800 was raised for Gunnison Trails and returned to the trails. This is the most we’re ever earned, many thanks to all who have opted in.

To update your giving preference, enroll your card to assist an organization, or to get your first City Market value card, click here:

You can enroll with your City Market Rewards Card Number or with the phone number you use as your alternate ID.

You can either type in “Gunnison Trails” or #85946 to choose Gunnison Trails as your rewards organization.

Thanks for supporting organizations doing good and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Questions? Click here for more information on the Community RewardsProgram.

It’s easy! 1. Register your card 2. Select Gunnison Trails or another organization as your rewards beneficiary. 3. Shop at City Market and support your trails and other causes!