We hope the rest of your Memorial Day weekend went well. Thanks a ton for coming to Gunnison and riding in the 7th Original Growler! The conditions this weekend were epic:

Saturday’s Half: About as good as the trails at Hartman Rocks get. We order those conditions every year but ma nature gives us what she will.

Sunday’s Full: What more can we say about Sunday’s conditions? The Growler isn’t a wiener dog! The start and the first lap were somewhat foreboding: chilly, wet, some mud, but also some off the charts conditions, too. The second lap was, for the most part, top-shelf trailriding.

Here are the web based results:

Photos from 2014


The 2015 Original Growler will take place on May 23-24, 2015

Registration will open December 1, 2014


2014 Lost and Found – We have some nice stuff and want you to get it back. Contact us with a further description of the pieces below and we’ll take to to Gunnison Shipping. You contact them, they ship your stuff back to you.

Shells and Jackets – Let us know brand, size, weight, etc.

Red jacket

Clear jacket

White windbreaker – lightweight

Blue (lightish) jacket with some white or gray trim – heavy softshell

Orange and black jacket

Neon green jacket

Black wind vest

Camelback bladder, looks pretty new

3 pair of nice arm warmers

1 pair of nice leg warmers

1 nice pair of gloves

1 base layer t-shirt

4 small coolers

“Seek the Peak” black stuff sack stuffed with lots of stuff, pretty nice stuff

City Market supermarket bag filled with lots of pretty nice stuff

1 seatbag from Saturday’s Half Growler

Anything not claimed within two weeks will be donated to the Six Points Thrift Store in Gunnison, an outstanding organization and cause.