Spring 2014 – It’s that time of year again and spring closures of public lands for protection of the Gunnison Sage-grouse are in effect. Nearly all of the public lands  around Gunnison are closed until May 15th to all motorized use. There are also suggestions and recommendations about how walkers, runners and mountain bikers should access public lands to be as unobtrusive to the Sage-grouse as possible.

Please take a moment to become familiar with these guidelines and be a part of the movement that will again allow this native bird to flourish in our area.

Gunnison Trails spends considerable time working to help protect the threatened Gunnison Sage-grouse. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will make a final determination as to whether or not to list this bird as an endangered species in May. Regardless of this decision, all users of public lands in Gunnison Sage-grouse habitat should possess an understanding of how they can enjoy their public lands and allow the grouse to continue to prosper.