Please Respect the Season Closures Until May 15th for all Roads and Trails South of the Powerlines Road for Sage-grouse Protection

Enchanted Forest is still holding snow and mud and is closed for now. All roads and trails south of the Powerlines Road are closed for protection of Sage-grouse until May 15th. Trails that remain closed include:

  • The Aberdeen Loop
  • Skull Pass (part of the Growler course)
  • Bambi’s (Growler course)
  • Outback (Growler)
  • Back-In (Growler)
  • 9-0 (Growler)
  • Sawtooth

There is still some snow and mud out there so please be smart and avoid damaging natural resources. If it gets muddy or snowy, either turn around or stay on the trail. Please don’t create new trails going around muddy and snowy sections. We can always work on the trail.

Also, for those of you interested in preriding the course of the Original Growler, please remember and honor the closure of all portions of the course south of the Powerlines Road. These roads and trails will open for your viewing and riding pleasure on May 15th. Thanks!

Many thanks to our friends at the BLM for working hard to get Hartman’s open for all of us. We have a rock star BLM crew (just in case you didn’t already know this!)

For more info or if you have questions, contact BLM Recreation Planner, Kristi Murphy at 970-642-4955.

Thanks for supporting Trails, Gunnison Trails and the BLM Gunnison Field Office!