As of March 15, 2018, the Hartman Rocks area is open. There are a few trails that remain closed due to mud and snow. Please help us maintain the trails and respect all closures. With warm temps and strong winds predicted, it won’t be long until everything is open.

  • Rattlesnake and Enchanted Forest trails remain CLOSED due to mud and snow. Yes, Rattlesnake is everyone’s favorite, but over half the trail is either under snow or a peanut-butter like consistency. Please give these trails time to dry out.
  • Walk, ride or run through remaining mud and snow patches. Many of the trails have patches of lingering snow and mud. Please avoid widening the trail and trampling the sage by remaining on the trail at all times. Yes, you will probably get muddy, but hey, it’s spring time after all. Jack’s, in particular, is a muddy mess in places. It’s best to cut out lower Jack’s altogether and take Tugs, the fire road that parallels the lower portion of the trail.
  • Trails south of Powerline Road are closed until May 15 for Sage grouse conservation. These trails include Outback, Back-In, 9-0, Bambi’s, Sawtooth, Skull Pass and the Aberdeen Loop.
  • Please avoid using the trails before 9 am for Sage-grouse conservation efforts

Please pass along any info or photos of trail conditions to [email protected]. Thanks, and Happy Trail Season!