April 15, 2012 – Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or volunteered for the 2nd Annual Sage-grouse Festival and the running and mountain biking events. We had nearly 50 kids who either ran, mountain biked or did both as part of the Let’s Move Outside program. 
Please read about how you can help protect the threatened Gunnison Sage-grouse HERE.
Let’s Move Outside Kid’s Running Winners (in alphabetical order!)
Let’s Move Outside Kid’s Mountain Bike Race Results
5K and 10k Results
Growler Series #1 Mountain Biking Results


Saturday April 14th, 2012

The 2012 Sage-grouse Festival will feature the Sage Grouse 5k run/walk; 10k run; Sage-grouse 1500 Run/Walk just for kids; and Growler Series mountain bike race #1.

The 5k run/walk; 10k run; and Kids 1500 run/walk are rain, snow or shine events; the Growler Series mountain bike races may be cancelled due to inclement weather, aka, too muddy and hard on the trails to hold the event.

Click HERE for 2012 Course Maps (NOTE: Courses shown are approximate and could change slightly for race day.)

ENTRY FEES: Kids in middle school and younger race for free; the entry fee for everyone else is $25 and include a super-cool t-shirt and a chili lunch in the WSC Student Center Ballroom. $35 for those hearty souls who will do both the running and mountain biking events. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT GUNNSON SAGE-GROUSE EDUCATION AND PROTECTION EFFORTS.

CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR RUN/WALK EVENTS (on site registration only for Mountain Bike races)

These events are part of the 2012 Gunnison Sage-grouse Festival. Gunnison Trails has partnered with the Gunnison Basin Sage-grouse Strategic Committee and the local Gunnison Sage-grouse conservation community to raise awareness of this endangered bird among recreational and fitness-based trail users. It is vital for trail users to understand the importance of honoring seasonal closures and restrictions on lands important to the various life stages of the Gunnison Sage-grouse. These closures and restrictions take place primarily in the spring.  For more information on Gunnison Sage-grouse go to siskadee.org or check out the Gunnison Trails Sage-grouse page.


2012 Schedule – Saturday April 14, 2012

8am           Registration – WSC Student Center Ballroom (Upstairs near the Ruby Cinema)

10am         Sage-grouse 10k run start – South side of WSC Student Center

1005am    Sage-grouse 5k run/walk start – South side of WSC Student Center

1010am     Sage-grouse Kids 1500 run/walk start – South side of WSC Student Center

Noon          Run/Walk Awards – WSC Student Center Ballroom

1pm             Mountain Bike races start – On the dirt above Mountaineer Bowl stadium

105pm        Kid’s Mountain Bike races start – On the dirt above Mountaineer Bowl stadium

230pm       Mountain Bike awards – WSC Student Center Ballroom


The Sage-grouse 5k run/walk will head south from the Western State College Student Center, cross highway 50 at Jorgenson Park, find its way through Jorgenson to the road that runs north next the airport. This wide, flat gravel road will take runners to the turnaround point north of the runway and near the base of W Mountain. The return route will be the same as the outbound route.

The Sage-grouse 10k run course will start the same as the 5k but turn east on San Juan Avenue and ply the perimeter of Gunnison in a clockwise direction. Weather and conditions permitting, this will be a mixed surface route. Grass, gravel, dirt and/or trail sections may be included, for example, Jorgenson Park; WSC campus; Mountaineer Bowl area; Char Mar Park/Van Tuyl/Gunnison Community Schools areas, etc. The new underpass and bridge at the Twin Bridges will be used, as well. Start time for both the 5k and 10k events is 10am.

Sage-grouse Kids 1500 run/walk – Part of the federal Let’s Move Outside program, the Sage-grouse 1500 kids race will start just like the adults but it will bang a hard left early on and it will stay on the WSC campus and never cross any major streets. The route will juke and jive around most of the academic buildings on the east side of the campus. The surfaces will include sidewalk, grass and some parking lot. The course will be well marked and well staffed and parents are encouraged to run or walk with their kids. This course is about 1.5 kilometers and the older kids will do two laps. Ribbons for all participants and great prizes for the top 3 in each age category. Here are the age groups:

1500 Running Event:

5-6 year old race

7-8 year old race

9-10 year old race

3K Running Event:

11-14 year old race

Growler Series Mountain Bike Race #1 at the Gunnison Sage-grouse Festival – This race will feature the classic trails and terrain that have been hosting mountain bike races for over 25 years. The course will ride clockwise out the Contour Trail toward the limb dump. From there, we’ll ride up the road climb to the red tower and then head back down Ridgeline Trail to the south. The trail without a name, more of the Contour Trail and finally another unnamed trail will bring us back to the start/finish area, completing the lap. The lap is around 3 miles, number of laps is yet to be determined.

Kids mountain bike races will be on a much shorter course and stay close to Mountaineer Bowl. Here are the categories:

Mountain Bike Event:

Really little kids race (strider, trikes, etc. Around 3-5 year-olds)

10 and under race

11-14 year old race

Questions? [email protected] or 970-275-0485.

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