Trails at Hartman Rocks South of Powerline Rd. and ALL Trails in Signal Peak OPEN for the Season!

That’s right, it’s May 15th! As trails in the north end of the valley are quickly thawing, certain areas in and around Gunnison are opening for a different reason. From March 15 – May 15, many of the trails and roads in the sage country are closed to help protect our native Gunnison sage-grouse during their mating season. Thank you for honoring these closures during a critical life cycle for these amazing birds. Trails south of Powerline Rd. at Hartman Rocks that are now open to all uses include Bambi’s, Sawtooth, Outback, Back-In, 9-0, Skull Pass and Aberdeen Loop. Trails in the northwest area of Signal Peak that are now open to foot and bike include Ridgeline, Rasta Gulch, Chicken Wing and Shoelace.

Main St. Mud Pit No More

The section of Main St. at Hartman Rocks between the bottom of Beck’s to the start of the Pinnacle Loop is currently closed to ALL uses (foot, bike, moto, car) for a major reroute. It’s time for the impassable mud pit that develops in the spring to go! The road is getting rerouted slightly south and uphill from the current route to avoid the wetlands. Vehicles, campers and trail users looking to access the Pinnacle Loop area please use the detour on BLM 3535 (the road at the top of Beck’s over to the bottom of Rattlesnake). Main St. is currently impassable, and there’s BIG machinery at work, so please give them space. Work is expected to take 2-3 weeks.

McCabe’s Trailhead Improvements

There have been some major improvements at the McCabe’s trailhead recently thanks to the Gunnison Valley O.H.V. Alliance of Trailriders (GOATS). The GOATS secured a State OHV grant last year to help fund two new parking areas at the McCabe’s trailhead, 9 new campsites and two new trails that spur off of Sandy Wash (a beginner ‘green’ loop and a more advanced ‘blue’ loop that ascends the rugged hillside). Photos above are from recent trail work by Tony Boone and the folks from Timberline Trailcraft on the lower green trail…amazing what a little trail dozer leaves in it’s wake! This trail is currently closed for a bit of finish work, but will soon be a flowy little beginner loop for the youngin’s accessible right from camp.