The Gunnison Trails Tuesday night crew finished up the new west entrance to Skyline Trail at Hartman Rocks. Ride it, run it, hike it! Especially with recent precipitation

Like most new trails at Hartman’s, this one will start out soft and bumpy. However, it’s use – feet and tires – that will smooth it and pack it.

Many thanks to the crews the last two weeks who knocked this build out. Also, to our friends at the BLM for approving this project and for the work of Kristi, Jim and Bryce these past two weeks on the build; to Dave Kozlowski for trail layout and pin flagging, along with Jordan Carr; to Robbie Robinson for leading last nights work from the Gunnison Trails end; and, again, to everyone that came out these last two weeks and helped get this portion of the project done.

We still have another reroute in the area to build, the Skyline Connector. We hope to dive right into that next so if you’re bummed that you didn’t make it out, you’ll have a few more chances.

Thanks for supporting trails and Gunnison Trails!