In the aftermath of this spring storm, trails are going to be very muddy and susceptible to damage for the next few days. Please be patient and give them plenty of time to dry out before using them.

This year, since the majority of trail and public land users have been respectful and understanding about seasonal protection of natural resources, our local BLM office opened Hartman Rocks earlier than in the past. Let’s not undermine this confidence that they have shown in us by hammering trails and road at Hartman Rocks, as well as other public lands, while they are saturated.

As always, the northern and shaded aspects will hold snow and mud longer than other areas. If you’re out there and it looks muddy ahead, please consider backtracking. You can still have a great time out there and then you won’t have to see your deep, rutted tracks hardened into the trail next week when you go back out there when it’s bone dry again.

If you must ride through snowy and/or muddy sections, stay directly over the trail surface. Please don’t try to go around these areas off of the trail. This creates unnecessary resource damage.

Also, remember that all trails and roads south of the Powerlines Road are closed to all mechanized (mountain bikes) and motorized use until May 15th to protect Sage-grouse habitat. This includes:

  • The Aberdeen Loop
  • Skull Pass
  • Outback
  • Back In
  • 9-0
  • Bambis
  • Sawtooth

Thanks for taking great care of our trails and pubic lands!

For more information, you can contact the friendly folks at our local BLM Field Office at 642-4940 or send Kristi Murphy, BLM Recreation Manager, an email at Also, contact us anytime at or at 970-275-0485.