Roads remain closed for the time being.
With all of the doom and gloom as of late due to COVID-19, we thought we’d offer up some good news during these stressful times. The trails at Hartman Rocks north of Powerline Rd. are now OPEN to all uses (foot, bike, moto, horse). Due to concerns from our local government, health and law enforcement officials over COVID-19 and in support of Governor Polis’ recent orders, the roads throughout Hartman Rocks remain closed. In an effort to discourage camping and other activities that encourage tourism related travel to our community, the road gates at both the base area and McCabe’s Lane will remain closed for the foreseeable future.
Many of you have inquired about trail conditions recently, and it’s no surprise that we could all use some fresh air and time outside. With that, we urge everyone to adhere to the Gunnison County guidelines while recreating and take some simple precautions when heading out on the trails. Please:
  • observe and respect physical and social distancing when at trailheads or out on the trails. Allow at least six feet of space when riding, passing or yielding the right of way (Practice Safe Six). Trailheads are one of the biggest areas of concern, so please, no tailgating at the base area people!
  • ride within your limits. The last thing our hospitals and emergency workers need right now are extra patients with exercise-related injuries. Be mindful of the early season conditions and watch for areas of snow and mud.
  • ride to the trails whenever possible to avoid crowded trailheads.
  • all road gates remain closed in support of Governor Polis’ orders and County public health restrictions. These road closures are in place to discourage camping and other backcountry related activities that may encourage gathering in larger groups or have the potential to put an increased burden on our local health officials and search and rescue
  • all roads and trails SOUTH of Powerline Road (Bambi’s, Sawtooth, Back-In, Outback, Nine-0, Skull Pass, Aberdeen Loop) are closed to motorized and mountain bike use from March 15 – May 15 for Sage Grouse conservation.
  • expect spring-like conditions out there, with some lingering snow and mud
  • Rattlesnake remains CLOSED due to mud and snow.
  • Sea of Sage, Broken Shovel and Josho’s are NOT recommended due to snow
Like the excitement of Christmas morning, this email and the opening of Hartman Rocks is one of my favorite messages to our trail community. However, due to these uncertain times, this year’s opening is less public celebration and more an opportunity to clear our heads and enjoy some fresh air.  Be thankful for our incredible local trails, our partners at the BLM who have been hard at work getting Hartmans ready to open, and, most importantly, be thankful for this incredible community. Hope to see you out on the trails. I’ll give a holler from a safe, 6′ distance.