• Bikers yield to all other users. Bikes have brakes, skiers do not!
  • Be respectful to all fellow trail users – slow down, smile and wave.
  • Fat Bike Lane – when using portions of the nordic trails, always ride on the opposite side from the classic ski tracks, and avoid the center of the trail on the skate ski track.
  • DO NOT ride in the classic tracks
  • Allow time for the track to set-up after grooming. If you’re sinking an inch or more into freshly groomed trail, turn around and give the trail a cold night to set-up.
  • 3.8 inch tires or wider only. Please don’t ride your normal mountain bike on the trails
  • Run tire pressures of 8 psi or less
  • Click the Support button to help support Gunnison Trails’ grooming efforts

Fat Bike Etiquette