Van Tuyl Ranch


The Van Tuyl Ranch Access to BLM Public Lands and THE GUNNISON NORTHWEST TRAIL SYSTEM

This trail network would access the BLM Public Lands closest to the City of Gunnison, adjacent to the Van Tuyl Ranch and would be the highest quality trails with the easiest access from town. Further from Gunnison, this trail system would access trail opportunities on US Forest Service Public Lands, including in the Mill Creek area.

Some highlights of the Van Tuyl Ranch – Gunnison Northwest Trail System include:

  • The highest quality trail opportunities close to Gunnison for the widest range of trail users: kids, seniors, walkers, runners, mountain bikers
  • Reduced carbon footprint as non-motorized (self-powered) trail users can easily access the trails without using an automobile or with a very short drive. Now, these public lands are locked away behind private property, the closest public access being miles from Gunnison by automobile.
  • Close to our schools. Offers great outdoor learning opportunities for children. Also a great source of exercise for kids that could be part of the school day. Healthier, more active children.
  • Creates an outlet for exercise, physical fitness and well-being for our citizens, making for a happier, healthier, more productive population.
  • Has potential for adaptive users.
  • Would replace a low-quality, unsustainable network of social trails in the County Road 818 (Maggie Pass) area with high-quality, sustainable trails that address natural resource concerns.