Thanks to a strong showing last Tuesday, as well as help from over 60 (that’s right, 60!) incoming Western freshmen/women on Friday, the newest section of South Rim trail is looking glorious. With another 1/2 mile to go, we’ll be out there again this Tuesday from 4-7pm digging away. This next section will create an ALL single track loop around the Peak (North Woods – Music Rocks – South Rim). Last year, we built over a mile of the South Rim trail, from the exit of Music Rocks over to Good Tree, the connector over to North Woods. This year, we’ll be building the stretch of trail from Good Tree over to the saddle and the intersection with Shoelace and North Woods trails.

We’ll meet at the saddle of BLM 3123 (the road that leaves from the Tomichi Heights neighborhood) at 4pm. Please respect the residents of Tomichi Heights and take it slow through the neighborhood. This road gets nasty when it rains, so we’ll keep our eyes on the forecast should weather be threatening. Let’s also do our best to carpool or ride to the workday…there’s limited parking at the saddle. The Gunnison Trails’ trail wagon will be leaving town at 3:15 with room…let us know if you’d like a lift.

We’ll be working on sideslopes, sometimes in steeper terrain. Remember sturdy footwear, gloves, plenty of water, sunscreen…you know the drill. Thanks to a variety of elixirs from High Alpine Brewing, we’ll be enjoying frothy pints and grilled goodies with one of the best views in Gunnison. Come out and get those paws dirty every Tuesday.

Nick and Alex from the CBCC digging a proper bench cut last Tuesday