Trail closures in the Signal Peak area go into effect Monday, January 1st. Despite the dry start to winter and the relatively snow-free trails in Signal Peak, it’s time we give our local critters a little peace and quiet as we head into the depths of winter. ALL TRAILS and ROADS in the Signal Peak area are closed to motorized use (until May 15th) and mechanized use (until May 1st) to protect wintering big game. The trails will remain open to foot and horse traffic until the spring time trail closures begin March 15th.

The Signal Peak area is incredibly diverse and serves as important winter habitat for a host of different species. There are a number of seasonal trail and road closures to help conserve and protect wintering big game AND the Gunnison Sage grouse, and it can be confusing to keep track of them all. Check out our Winter and Spring Trail Closures page for all trail and road closure info for Hartman Rocks and Signal Peak. Thank you for helping to protect our local wildlife species and the habitat they rely on during the harsh winter months.

As always, the trails around Western’s campus (Contour West, Cemetery, Canal, Zig Zag, Old Car, Chin Ups and Flow Track) remain open to bikes and fat bikes throughout the winter months, in addition to the amazing network of trails at Hartman Rocks. Speaking of Hartmans, conditions out there as of 12/29/23 are a mix of dirt and packed snow, depending on the aspect, and are as fun as ever. Fat bikes definitely recommended for those still looking to ride. We’re hopeful 2024 brings a pile of snow to jump start the grooming efforts. Until then, enjoy the lingering dirt and happy New Year from all of us at Gunni Trails!