Remember the Barrage of Emails late last year about Commenting on a New Section of the CDNST near Gunnison?

Well, thanks to all who commented in favor of mountain bike use on this new trail, the US Forest Service has determined that mountain bikes will be allowed on the new section of trail that will be over 30 miles long.

Many thanks to all of you Gunni Trails supporters that took the time to comment!

In their rationale, the existence of local mountain biking advocacy groups and their ability to partner with the USFS was called out as being key. Both Gunnison Trails and the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA) and the confidence and strong relationships that both organizations have with the USFS was a major factor in the decision to allow mountain bikes on the trail.

The comments from both organizations, as well as those from others, like the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and the Gunnison County Trails Commission, and scores of individuals, moved what many considered to be a long-shot, to an opportunity for a major new trail segment in our area that will be open to bikes.

A special shout out goes to the good people at IMBA – Jeremy Fancher and company – who guided the comment process effectively and assisted in combining the efforts of numerous organizations and individuals, as well as getting Congressman Scott Tipton to comment positively for allowing mountain bikes on this new section of trail.

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Thanks for supporting trails in the Gunnison Valley!

Dave Wiens
Executive Director
Gunnison Trails, Inc. 501c3

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