Hi Everyone-

It’s time to Blitz! Here is the agenda, participant list, campsite/rendezvous directions, and survey info. If you are on the participant list below, but are not attending, it would be great if you could let me know for our final headcount. We are excited to have so many feet on the ground looking for Astragalus microcymbus. Thanks everyone for making this happen.


  • Tuesday, June 4th: Arrive in Gunnison. Meet at BLM office at 12 pm. Go over maps and logistics. Assign teams and target areas. Check phenology at reference sites. Go to group campsite (see instructions below and attached map).
  • Wednesday, June 5th: Meet up with non-campers at 8:30 am at rendezvous point (see attached map and description below) with entire group and local volunteers. Spend day blitzing.
  • Thursday, June 6th: Meet with group again at 8:30 am at rendezvous group, most teams will survey for AsMi, with one team assisting in sampling the BLM long term monitoring plots.
  • Friday, June 7th: Travel home.

Campsite directions:

Head West out of Gunnison and turn left onto Hwy 149. Go Approx. 1 mile and turn left on BLM road 3043 (also Cty road 31). Go approx. 1 mile and you will see the camping area on the right side of the road. Russ Japuntich will have put up a sign marking the campsite. There is great shade and good fire rings. Plenty of room for everyone.

Rendezvous Point directions:

If you are not camping, meet us at 8:30 am at the Rendezvous Point. From Gunnison, turn south on County Road 32. Park at the intersection of CR32 and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Survey Areas:

  • South and east of Gunnison Water Treatment Plant
  • Willow Creek
  • South Beaver Creek in Saguache County
  • West side of CR32b, east of South Beaver Creek, T48N, R1W, Section 3

We may come up with more survey areas during our Tuesday meeting. Stay tuned.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-Bernadette Kuhn


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