Open house style, informational meetings will be taking place at the Comfort Inn at 911 N. Main (across the street from City Market) every Monday from 6-8pm beginning May 5th and running through May 19th. Drop in anytime and see what the Growler is all about.

If you can’t make the meetings, please send us an email if you are interested and let us know your availability, relevant skills or desired position, etc. Click HERE to email us.

We need:

  • CHECKPOINT LEADERS/TEAMS – Possibly the most important positions for rider safety on our course. You will be assigned one of ten checkpoints around the course at Hartman Rocks and you will be part of our communication web, directed by Western State Colorado University Mountain Rescue Team. You will also help notify and direct other users of the area to ensure safety for all. Checkpoints can be staffed by an individual and a camp chair or by a whole gaggle of friends or an organization. For example, the Gunnison Food Pantry is hosting a checkpoint this year. Groups can organize sponsors and make it a creative fundraising opportunity. Some checkpoints are more complex and involved than others. You can commit to both Saturday and Sunday at your checkpoint and even camp out on location if you like. Decorations, costumes and other ancillary cool stuff is optional. Good times!
  • PERSONS WITH MEDICAL EXPERTISE –  MD’s, RN’s, PA’s, EMT’s, WFR’s, etc. are always needed at various locations.
  • DOWNTOWN OPERATIONS – Rider check-in, finish line, awards and awards party; we have opportunties for you in downtown Gunnison all weekend beginning on Friday May 23rd.
  • HARTMAN ROCKS BASE AREA OPERATIONS – There’s always something going on at this venue, especially in Sunday for the Full Growler.
  • SKULL PASS AID STATION – The notorious “bacon station” can always use more help.
  • SETUP, BREAKDOWN, COURSE CLEANUP, ETC. – Numerous other positions are available, too.

Whether you want to be a 2-hour soldier or a highly involved Lieutenant that takes on the organization, planning and execution of one of the major aspects of this event, drop by and see what the Growler is all about. One guarantee is fun!

For more information you can email:

The Original Growler is the primary fundraiser for Gunnison Trails, a 501c3 not for profit organization that is focused on singletrack trail opportunities near Gunnison for walkers, runners and mountain bikers.
Thanks for supporting Trails, Gunnison Trails and the Original Growler!